Oro de Castilla

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José Luis Curiel

Sales DirectorHis deep and direct knowledge on the field of product distribution in Spain allows Jose Luis to improve our sales by collaborating with our customers and finding new target areas.

Olga Fernández

OFFICE MANAGEMENTShe manages all paperwork connected with the winery, from accounting to exportation forms and logistics.

José M. Sánchez

VINE GROWERHe is responsible for all vine-related issues, from growing to crop treatments, all the way to harvesting.

Silvia de Andrés

EXPORT ASSISTANTShe is responsible for the background from the exportation office, by organising product orders and monitoring the shipping.

Pablo del Villar

PRESIDENTHe is the head of the company. Thanks to his multidisciplinary training he is able to take part in every aspect of the business: the vineyard, the production, the sales, both in and outside Spain, and so enabling new business ideas.

Irina Martinkevitch

EXPORT MANAGERHaving a long experience in international sales, she is responsible for finding new clients and consolidate current distribution outside Spain.

Alberto Martínez

OENOLOGISTHe is responsible for taking the best out of our grapes by turning them into wine, with the essential eye for the details to achieve excellence in production.

Oscar Martín

WINE PRODUCERHe establishes the production lines by relying in his professional experience and is responsible for the maintenance of the production machinery.

Sofía Sánchez

BOTTLING AND STORAGE RESPONSIBLEAs head of the bottling department and the storage management, she makes possible that orders arrive to the customers on time.


One of the most valuable asset and resource of our company is our team. The winery owners and founders’ dream of making quality wine is transmitted to all the people who make up the team, strengthening relationships and building trust as our mainstay. This is a team that believes in commitment and a self-demanding nature as the only way to the excellence level which defines this winery. Our main goal is our customer’s satisfaction, with whom we also try to establish personal relationships, and whose opinions and suggestions we continuously listen and value.